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Our main aim and why we started out is to help owner managed businesses to gain a better understanding of their accounts and providing up to date information about the profits and operations of their business.

If there is one thing which we our clients would say sets us apart it is that we treat your business as if it is our own, we care about your success and your bottom line. We aim to be your Financial Controller, providing information for you to effectively run your business and make the decisions necessary with the maximum amount of information.

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With over 20 years experience in the Accountancy sector and over 10 years working with owner managed businesses we have seen it all before, if we haven’t worked with a particular industry before then we make sure before we start working with them we fully understand the sector and the clients place within that market.

We have seen the pitfalls but also what works, we can help you take your business to where you want to go by applying our experience and expertise and guiding you down the path to success.

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We love the cloud and what it brings to accounting and business, you can work on your business from anywhere with an Internet connection, your office, home, beach, or restaurant.

Most cloud software is competitively priced and is constantly being improved by the developers as the users make suggestions. Rarely does cloud software stand still like traditional desktop software does, and there is never a long list of system requirements, as long as you have an internet browser installed and a stable internet connection, you can run cloud software.


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Our History

Richard started up helping owner managed businesses in 2003, as Total Business Services, in 2008 he took advantage of the benefits of incorporation and founded TBS Norwich Limited.

We work and have worked for a variety of clients ranging from road hauliers to ecologists, shops to builders and everything in between. The use of IT has always been at the forefront of our minds, the cloud gives us the opportunity to push our clients forward with information about their business which they need in a cost effective and timely fashion.

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Giving Peace of Mind

That the bookkeeping will be completed regularly and accurately, avoiding costly overruns come year end preparation, avoiding unnecessary stress when the VAT office arranges to check the records, making sure suppliers are paid on time and perhaps more importantly highlighting when a customer has paid incorrectly or not at all.

We know you have enough to do running your business, we know what that is like, so why cause yourself more work and late nights attempting to learn how to do your bookkeeping accurately, we have the tools you need to reduce the time spent administrating your business.

Helping you make the best decision

During the life of any business there are times when difficult business changing decisions need to be made, we are happy to be the sounding board, to point out the what if’s to play devils advocate, and to provide the financial information to help come to the right decision.

We care about your business and want you to analyse those decisions thoroughly so you can see the likely impacts. We have software that can help you understand the effects, look at best and worst case outcomes.

Make computers work

We have used and worked with all kinds of accounting software over the years, Sage and Quickbooks most commonly but also bespoke accounting systems for farm industry and retail industry. Rather than trying to pigeon hole you into a software and giving you workarounds, we would rather find a software that does 99.9% of what you need it to do.

Software and systems is an area of expertise that we pride ourselves on, we understand software and we understand the end result required, we are also very good at breaking software which means you don’t have to, and also means you won’t get frustrated in the future. We test as much of the software as we can before we pass it on to our clients to use.

With you through the the year

When Richard worked in practice it was very rare that he would see his clients more than once or twice a year, once to collect books and once to give them back with completed accounts. These were often 6-9 months after the year end, and therefore too late to sort out any problems with the business.

The way we work with you throughout the year should mean no nasty surprises when it comes to profits or taxes as you have had the information throughout the year.

We love the cloud

The most important business technology of the last thirty years, the cloud provides opportunities and improvements rarely available for small to medium sized businesses. Accounting software is the axis from which everything else will work, we have apps that can work alongside the accounting software to allow you better control of your business but at the same time avoid duplication of work.

For example there are apps that allow you to manage your field service team and the jobs they carry out in the field, many of them will allow the team member to raise an invoice for his time on site and get approval from the customer, some will even allow the customer to pay there and then. All of this information can be synchronised back to the accounting software leaving you to look at the reports rather than entering the data.

Uploading to Receipt Bank
One of the problems we often find with uploading to Receipt Bank is the confusion between, Single, Multiple and Combine options when uploading via the smartphone app, and also between Single Item or Multiple Item in the website version. There is a confusion caused by the naming conventions used Multiple often gets confused with Combine
Now or Never – GDPR Deadline fast approaching
Like everything in business it is never too late to get something done, but it could be if you leave GDPR compliance much longer. There are several free resources out there on the internet that may help with your GDPR compliance. We have listed a few below and what they do. We are being repeatedly
Receipt Bank Certified Partner
It is with great pleasure that we announce our Receipt Bank Certified Status, this means we can bring to you great pricing for bill automation whether a client of ours or not. never enter a purchase invoice again That’s right for a price as low as £9 per month you can have Receipt Bank process
We charge

Based on Outcomes

We do not believe in charging by the hour for the work we complete away from your premises, how do you know whether we are efficient, how do you know whether we actually spent one hour or five hours? Our use of software and technology means that a lot of our work is done for us, we think clients value our advice and experience more than the processing of data. That’s why our range of services and fixed fees are based on what you get rather than how long it takes us to do them.

This means you always know how much you will be paying and we promise there will be no nasty surprises around the corner.

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