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Welcome to TBS Norwich Limited, your local cloud accounting specialists, we have been working with cloud software for a number of years, we think it is the biggest revolution in accounting in decades, perhaps ever.

We have put together a suite of cloud apps to simplify your daily administration. We only recommend software that we have tested, we can show you how to reduce your overheads and focus on what is important for your business i.e. getting new customers and earning income.

We can deliver you up to date and accurate financial information about your business wherever and whenever you need it.

Our primary role is to act as your financial controller, preparing management accounts, improving systems and ensuring you are always have accurate information to make decisions with.

We offer a service tailored to your needs at very competitive prices and only recommend software once we have listened to you.

Before recommendations are made we gather a complete understanding of your business, set up the appropriate applications and provide a highly personalised training service prior to passing the day to day administration to you. We are highly successful in the training of our clients and there is no need to to be daunted by modern day accounting systems, if you can operate an internet browser, we can train you.

Our approach provides equal results whether a  start-up and or existing businesses looking to transition to the cloud.

Information When You Need It

Regular Monthly Management Accounts in a clear easy to read format at every service level.

Cloud Based and Local

Accounting data in the Cloud means we can help from anywhere, but as we are local we still enjoy a face to face chat.

Focused on Efficiency

Helping you find time to run your business by improving your data entry efficiency.

Customised for you

We ensure the software is setup for your business and will train according to your business.

Work with others

Want to move to the cloud but like your current accountant, thats great, we will help with your transition and training.

Transfer old data

We personally take care of the data upload ensure all balances are correct and get you working in the cloud before we have finished the transfer.

We Maximise


Take a look at our staff page, we don’t hide the fact that we let technology do the work.

This gives us time to concentrate on implementing system improvements and providing analysis on your data.

The same technology is made available to you, we can show you how to use it to reduce your time processing data, leaving you to concentrate on generating more revenue and employing staff that make you money not manage paperwork.

We Are


The past has happened, what can we do to make it better or worse? The present and the future is more important.

We don’t get bogged down in compliance work, technology makes that side of a modern accounting practice life easy, efficient and cost effective.

We want to help you make the most of your business ambitions, using the most modern cloud software apps and technology to give you the information you need when you need it, in simple easy to read formats.

We Offer

Free Support

We want to be there for you when you need us, we don’t charge for phone calls, emails or even letters. If you have a query you shouldn’t have to think twice about contacting us.

Should that call or email lead to us having to complete some work for you, we will let you know what we will charge for that work, you can then decide whether to go ahead with it or not, like anything else you buy in business, no one likes to be unsure what something is going to cost before committing to it.

How can we help you?

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