The Team

Who works at TBS Norwich?

Our Staff

Meet the Humans

Richard Evans


Richard founded the company from his sole trader business which commenced trading in 2003. He is passionate about owner managed businesses and their continued success. He believes that businesses of all size should have access to key financial information which can help them react to changing climates and trading and to make decisions based on factual information rather than hunches or best guesses.

Aside from accounting Richard is very keen on technology and the power of the internet in the modern business landscape, he is always trialling and testing apps to see how or whether they can bring added efficiencies to the business.

Outside of business Richard has a young family who keep him busy, he can often be found on the beaches of Norfolk and at the many Food and Drink festivals that the county hosts with his children.


Sport, Music, Great¬†Outdoors, Food and Drink, Films, “Good” TV.

Pet Hates:

Resistance to change

Our Machines

Meet the Robots

Epson WF-2360

Data Entry

This is our little invoice processing workhorse, very robust, and eager to do boring repetitive tasks with little complaint, occasionally requires some extra fluids.

Outside (and inside) work hours WF-2360 likes to take naps but is quick to wake and get back to work when called upon.


Branded ink, and internet connection

Pet hates:

Poor wifi, and changing IP addresses

iMac and Macbook

Data Processing and Reporting
Norwich & beyond

The iMac and his little brother the Macbook have been long time servants in our business, the most robust computers we have ever come across. They work very quickly and very rarely get ill.

Along with their cousins the iPad and iPhone these computers were the first to tell us about the cloud, enabling us to keep our email boxes and calendars in sync no matter where we were, this was just the start of the cloud revolution at TBS Norwich. Now they are the focal point for all of our data entry requirements, they run programs without us being there automatically receiving information and sending it elsewhere.


Internet, Social Media, Working hard

Pet Hates:

Slow internet connections and hackers

iPhone and iPad

Personal Assistant
By our side

Where would we be in the modern business world without these two, we make sure that every add on cloud service we introduce has an App for iOS it’s almost a necessity these days, if it’s on iOS its likely the software developer has also created one for Android.

The camera is one of the most useful functions on the modern smart phone, they are never happier than being used to scan documents or invoices and uploading to our bill automation software.


4G Internet connections, Apps

Pet Hates :

Lack of battery, GPRS